Innovative Controls has an advantage as your automation systems provider. We are experts in the controls field but we are different because we are built on a mechanical foundation. What that means for you is that you get to decide what you want and we will be able to design, install, maintain and monitor for your building. Regional service means that we have better and quicker response times. We also buy factory direct from Honeywell, Veris, ACI, Functional Devis (RIB) and many more. You are not limited in what you can accomplish. We are apart of an exclusive network of Reliable Controls Centers. We can provide you with access to the world wide resources that the Reliable Controls family of product is known for.

With Innovative Controls, your building can work to its highest efficiency. "Greening" your building is a win – win situation. We can provide you with building automation controls that will dramatically lower your energy costs and help the environment at the same time. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Acot of 2009, there is 4.5 billion dollars going towards transforming federal facilities into "exemplary high-performance green buildings". That is what Innovative Controls can do for your building. It's a logical system that allows for areas to be monitored to their peak performance. No more paying for heating or air conditioning in areas that are unoccupied or under used. Your whole building can be managed, from turning your lights off at the end of the day, to keeping you comfortable in cold mornings or hot afternoons.